How do recurring transactions work on Facebook and other merchants ?

Modified on Sun, 12 Dec 2021 at 04:47 PM

Karbon VISA cards now support recurring transactions on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Netflix, and 95% of all Indian and Foreign merchants. 

Do I have to do anything special to make my Kabon card work on Facebook Ads or other recurring merchants ?

Not really.

a. If you do not have a Karbon VISA card, apply for one - .

b. If you have a Karbon VISA card, please remove it from merchant portal and add it again.

The recurring merchant, such as Facebook, will take care of everything in background to do all the necessary work. Your Karbon VISA card will just work automatically.

What is all the fuss about recurring transactions ?

As per the RBI circular, all domestic payment gateways and card issuing banks STOPPED recurring transactions, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Netflix, from October, 1, 2021, until a Standing Instruction system was deployed by the card issuing bank.

Due to this rule, almost all bank cards, both credit and debit cards, stopped working on recurring merchants, such as Facebook Ads, from October, 1, 2021.

What is SI Hub, and what does that mean ?

SI Hub is placeholder where all card issuing banks and payment gateways store details of recurring payments - payment frequency, maximum amount merchants can deduct, expiry date, merchant ID etc. 

How do I access to SI Hub ?

When you put your card on a recurring merchant, you would get a link to SI Hub on SMS. To login, click on the link and enter your card number and OTP.

What are basic details of SI Hub ?

On login to SI hub, you would see basic details of all recurring merchants.

Details :

1st Column - Merchant Name

2nd Column - Max Amount that merchant can deduct in a single transaction

3rd Column - End Date of recurring transaction

4th Column - SI Hub ID

I want to edit settings in SI Hub. How do I do it ?

Login to SI Hub, and click Edit to make changes to Max. Amount, End Date, and other details.

I want to cancel a merchant in SI Hub. How do I do it ?

Login to SI Hub, and click Cancel in the row where the merchant name is mentioned.

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