What are steps for member card application ?

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If your company already has Karbon card, then it is extremely easy to invite your colleagues as members via Karbon Dashboard, and get them Karbon cards.

Below is the link that explains how to invite your team members. 


After inviting your team member, kindly ask your team member to follow the below steps.


Open your company's email and check email from @karboncard.com 

If you could not find the email, please check the spam folder. If you still could not find the email, please ask your company owner or main account holder to invite you again.


Click on the "Activate account" button


You would be directed towards the card application.

Kindly do not go to karboncard.com , and click Signup or login . This will create issues.


Enter your personal PAN, and click Next

Enter PAN of card holder who would be using the card. Do not enter PAN of another person. It is a compliance issue, and we both would later face issues.

You might wonder why we are asking for personal PAN for corporate cards. Well, as per RBI regulations, each card needs to associated with an Indian citizen, and hence personal KYC details.


There are two options to share personal KYC.

i. Option 1 : eKYC - 

This option only works if your phone number is linked with your Aadhar Card. We recommend this option, as the card approvals are faster with this option and it is more secure.

a. Click on the UIDAI portal link - https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offline-kyc

b. Enter the Aadhar Number, Security Code, and click Send OTP

c. Enter password or Share Code

This will be used as a password for the KYC zip file that UIDAI will share with you.

d. Enter OTP sent to your phone

e. Click Download

f. Upload the zip file, enter the four digit share code you entered on UIDAI portal, and click Next

ii. Option 2 : Upload self attested Images of PAN and Aadhar Cards

a. If you are on eKYC registration page, click the link - Click Here 

b. Upload your self-attested PAN , enter your first and last name, enter your date of birth,  select your gender, and click Next


Your card application would be declined if you do not provide your self attested KYCs. Please enter all information carefully and double check values. The incorrect information would lead to delays.

c. Upload front and back of your Aadhar proof, enter the address mentioned in the address proof, and click Next

If you do not have Aadhar, you can upload Driver's license or Voter's ID card or Passport. 


Enter additional personal details - Mother's name, Fathers' name, mailing address, citizenship status, residential status, and occupation.

You might be wondering on why we are asking additional details here. RBI recently published new guidelines for card issuance for all banks, and we need to provide this information to Banks. I wish we could simplify this for you and not ask for unnecessary information. 


Enter your phone number/email for verification, and click Next

If you earlier entered your phone number at signup, you would be now asked to enter your email for verification


Enter the OTP received on your phone / email, and click Next

If you did not receive OTP, click resend to get the OTP


Download and upload the Card Application Form, sign it, and upload it

a. Click on the link to download the form

b. Check all values one by one

c. Fill values on the last page and any other empty fields

We recommend sejda.com or adobe.com to fill the form. 

d. Print the form, and put your signature 

Kindly do not put try to copy/paste signature/seal from some other document. Your card  approval could be delayed due to this issue.

f. Check the filled form one more time - signatures on page 2, all fields including empty ones on the page 2

g. Scan the filled form and upload it.

h. Upload the filled form by clicking Upload button and selecting the filled form

i. Click Complete

You are done with card application. It would take 1-3 working days for us to approve your card application.

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